What is Internet Marketing Anyway?

In next few months I will be expanding articles on IM success on this site. Basically anything You do online to make You earn money can be classified as IM.

How Can I Succeed Online?

To tell the truth, there is a fierce competition online. It will be hard to succeed. Good point is that the competion is limited while Your opportunities for online marketing are unlimited.

Another good point is that while many have already claimed their spot online, there are so many areas of interest – or niches – that are still waiting to be uncovered. In fact, You would be more surprised if You could not find a niche that interests You than the other way round.

What Tools I will need for success?

The answer to this question will largely depend on Your specific choice.

The shortest list will probably include a domain name, website and hosting. Later on You will be likely to continue with building Your list of prospects and customers using email autoresponder service.

To make Your website attractive for visitors, You will also consider some changes to Your website which might be free or paid.

Then You will probably aim for more visitors to visit Your website. This can be basically done two ways: using SEO or paid advertising. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is used to get Your website to first places on Google, Bing or Yahooo search. This means that people see Your website as the first answer to their search query, or they at least see it on first page.

What is the next step?

There are many answers You can find yourself online for free or learn by doing. However it takes time (and money as well). If You need money right now or want accelerated learning curve try Wealthy Affiliate forum. Initial training is free and of decent quality. They even give away a free website so that You can test it for yourself. Not required, but you can also opt for paid version, which will give You more tools and freedom to succeed.

One of the greatest advantages of joining a membership site is a community of dedicated marketers ready to share their advice with You. Being lonely in the online space might get You feeling of being stuck, having a safe place where You can share with others might be a turning point for You, even if You have already been searching and trying with no success for a long time.


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